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I grew up in a time where ALL our meals and foods were home prepared and cooked and we never ate out. When we got together with family and friends, the meals were ALWAYS home-cooked. I was taught the love of cooking through my mother and other women in the family.  The foods we had, spoiled more quickly but they were not filled with a proliferation of additives and preservatives as foods are today. Sugar was not a main part of my diet growing up, except for on rare and special occasions. I think I first drank pop when I was almost 10 years old.

I had an inborn desire to learn how to cook and was blessed to have what were then called “Home Economics” classes. The foundation for my love of cooking and basic life skills were instilled by the two teachers I learned from in junior high and high school. I learned about food selection, preparation, preservation and many other necessary life skills. My mother always supported my desire to cook and experiment in the kitchen. This developed into a love of cooking and entertaining. Sadly, with budget cuts everywhere, Home Economics/Family Studies classes have been cut everywhere. For the most part, parents and families today are not in a position to teach these things to their children.


As a teacher, I have watched over the years how the quality of food children bring to school for lunch and snacks has deteriorated hugely. Out of a class of 30 students, maybe 3-5 have a nutritious, well balanced meal and snacks with them. Sugar in candies and chewing gum are mainstay first thing in the morning. Snacks invariably are chips, cookies, and other sugar-loaded pre-packaged junk foods or those with little nutritional value.  Nutritious foods are often seen in the waste bin…. really makes me sad. Water is also not consumed in amounts required for the body to be healthy.There is so much education that need to happen.

Jaimie Oliver’s video is profound with a powerful message and wake-up call. is profound, eye-opening and also disturbing. The reality is disturbing because it IS real!!! I understand that our lives have become faster, busier, fast-paced and more hectic than ever before. Picking up prepared foods and eating out are the norm…much more attractive and practical, but at what cost? Fundamentally these are choices. The effects of these choices are devastating to our health in the long run. Preparing, cooking and eating healthy food requires conscious choices and a strong commitment to being and living healthy.

Jaimie’s Wish: “To help create a strong, sustainable movement to educate every child about food, inspire families to cook again and empower people everywhere to fight obesity.”

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