Mindful Parenting Tips

Maindful Parenting Tips

There are many factors and practices that come into play when our intention is to raise mindful children and be mindful parents and caregivers. Here are some that are meaningful to me.

1. Children actually NEED for us to give them “undivided” attention, being totally focused and present when we are listening to what they are sharing and saying. This may require you to let go of your own priorities, responsibilities and perspectives to do this.

2.  Remember that it is important to balance love and set boundaries. Be equally comfortable with loving and nurturing your child as you are setting boundaries and limits.

3.  Learn what’s important to your child by paying attention, they do have inner wisdom, if we would trust it. Honour your child’s feelings, wants and suggestions rather than imposing your own. Really try and understand what their world is all about.

4.  Model compassion and gentleness. These are qualities that serve us all right into our adult lives and relationships. Compassion is bringing an open heart into situations, stepping back, seeing a bigger picture. Remember to show yourself compassion when the need arises.

5.  Make sure that when it comes to parenting you and your spouse or those involved in the parenting and raising of your child are ALL on the same page. It’s very important to work out your differences first and come to agreements. Kids are really good at playing one parent against the other, or parents against teachers.

6. Practice self-care so that you are at your best and have your best to give. This includes resting when possible, doing something for yourself, getting away, meditating…even if for just a 30 minute break.

7.  Be humble. There are times when we need to aplogize for something we have said or done. What a great lesson for our children to see us taking reposnsiblity for our actions and our words, or how they affected our child. And in turn leads to practicing the art of forgiveness that is meaningful.

8.  Be open to observing yourself and your reactions in different situations. Our children are wonderful mirrors. There are times that what they mirror back might even sting, so be open and willing to observe and evaluate your own behavious and reactions and adjust when and where necessary. There may be times when you may need to share with someone or consult with someone to work through your own issues in order to be more effective and loving.

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