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The Magic Christmas Star

¸.•*★ For the little ones in our lives.

¸.•*★ Merry Christmas one and all.

¸.•*★ “Christmas, my child, is LOVE in ACTION. . . EVERY time we LOVE, EVERY time we GIVE, it’s CHRISTMAS. ♥ ~Dale Evans Rogers~ ¸.•*★

Little Bird You Are Perfect

This is a cute video that helps children to understand that they are perfect just the way they are no matter what anyone else thinks or says. Each one of us is uniquely special. Children need to hear this message frequently when they are little and as they grow.

Teaching Children About Food

I grew up in a time where ALL our meals and foods were home prepared and cooked and we never ate out. When we got together with family and friends, the meals were ALWAYS home-cooked. I was taught the love of cooking through my mother and other women in the family.  The foods we had, spoiled more quickly but they were not filled with a proliferation of additives and preservatives as foods are today. Sugar was not a main part of my diet growing up, except for on rare and special occasions. I think I first drank pop when I was almost 10 years old.

I had an inborn desire to learn how to cook and was blessed to have what were then called “Home Economics” classes. The foundation for my love of cooking and basic life skills were instilled by the two teachers I learned from in junior high and high school. I learned about food selection, preparation, preservation and many other necessary life skills. My mother always supported my desire to cook and experiment in the kitchen. This developed into a love of cooking and entertaining. Sadly, with budget cuts everywhere, Home Economics/Family Studies classes have been cut everywhere. For the most part, parents and families today are not in a position to teach these things to their children.


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