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If we wish for our children to be kind and compassionate…
We must BE kind and compassionate!

There are many many ways that we can teach and demonstrate compassion to and for children. What are some


Mindful Parenting Tips

Maindful Parenting Tips

There are many factors and practices that come into play when our intention is to raise mindful children and be mindful parents and caregivers. Here are some that are meaningful to me.

1. Children actually NEED for us to give them “undivided” attention, being totally focused and present when we are listening to what they are sharing and saying. This may require you to let go of your own priorities, responsibilities and perspectives to do this.

2.  Remember that it is important to balance love and set boundaries. Be equally comfortable with loving and nurturing your child as you are setting boundaries and limits.

3.  Learn what’s important to your child by paying attention, they do have inner wisdom, if we would trust it. Honour your child’s feelings, wants and suggestions rather than imposing your own. Really try and understand what their world is all about.

4.  Model compassion and gentleness. These are qualities that serve us all right into our adult lives and relationships. Compassion is bringing an open heart into situations, stepping back, seeing a bigger picture. Remember to show yourself compassion when the need arises.

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“Quiet Time” Mindful Exercises For Children

As a teacher, I have practiced mindfulness exercises with students for about 15 years. One of my favourites is “Quiet Time”. In today’s busy world, full of never ending busyness and stimulus, there is very little focus on, or time for stillness or quiet time. And yet, I have found that once introduced to “Quiet Time”, not only do students like it, they ask to do it again and again.

Telling them to sit back in their chairs with spine straight, meets with “yeahs”.

The breath is always what is focused on first. Deep breaths in and out….holding then releasing. I then choose any number of visualizations, guided imageries, and or affirmations to focus on…or simply allow silence and stillness.

Sometimes combining this time with journal writing or reflective writing is also very  powerful. It helps the students to integrate their own experience and insights.

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