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Ten Tips On Understanding Your Child

Ten Tips On Understanding Your Child

Parenting can be a frustrating experience especially if you cannot seem to establish a harmonious relationship with your teenager. There are times when you find yourself in disagreement with your child because of the so-called generation gap. The key to having a harmonious relationship with your child lies on how well you understand them. Here are 10 tips on dealing with your teen and understanding your child.



Set a boundary between your role as a parent or a friend.

Aside from being a father or mother to your child, you can also be a friend to them. But sometimes you need to make a distinction between being a parent and the same time a friend to your child. Friends will always have the tendency to judge your child whenever they confide their problems.

As parents, you cannot do this because of your care for the child. Friends can be found anywhere but good parents is a rare commodity these days.

Show Your Involvement

This is true especially if you are occupied with your work and rarely have the time to be with your child. Being involved means finding the time to be with them whenever you have a spare time. Try to find information about your child’s life, their thoughts and feelings so that they will be at ease coming to you when they are in trouble.

Train Them To Be Accountable

As a parent, you are responsible for preparing your child for adult life. Teach them that if they want something, effort should be exerted in order to achieve it. Money is not the important thing, it is being responsible and independent which matters. Provide them their allowance for jobs but don’t pay them if they are not doing their part. This way, you are training them to survive in this world.

Gratitude Journal

A new day and today I’m just sharing a new post I wrote on my website for children, RaisingMindful Kids. It is all about kids having a gratitude practice and recording what they are grateful for as a daily practice. This is an awesome practice to do as a family and maybe even have a “Family Gratitude Journal” that you record things in once a week.

Here is the link to the blog post: Gratitude Journal

I hope you enjoy it. Please feel free to leave your comments. The more we are grateful, the more we attract things, people, events into our lives to be grateful for.

Grateful For All I Have

Educating Children’s Hearts

We are so consumed today in our fast paced world to make sure our children are learning. There is still a strong focus on academics…  In order for there to be success we look to see if our children are progressing in what they are learning at school.
Maintaining this focus without balancing out teaching “heart stuff” continues to promote an imbalance. We need to honour and recognize that compassion, consideration, love, being friendly, thoughtful all come from our heart space. There has been so much research done on the power of the heart. See one link below.

Institute of Heart Math 

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