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What the Experts Know on Learning and Education

Empowering the Children of Today

If your child is having difficulties in school, you might want to change the way you look at schools and you might want to change the way you look at your child.

Schools – Do They Have to Change? Are Schools:

•Shrinking Our Kids?
•Ignoring their Special Gifts?
•Creating Dropouts Where Genius Hides?

What if Learning and Education Need a Total Paradigm Shift?

• to truly serve the needs of your child?
• to truly empower your child to flourish in life?
• to help bring about beauty and joy?
• and help create a society based on deep respect for each and every other living being on this planet?

If you are looking for answers, then you are invite you to this FREE TELESUMMIT with some of the greatest experts in the field of human development and learning.

The Language of Love

This past week has had so many disheartening events in the world this past week, many hard to comprehend and process. I came across this and think there is valuable information in the video clip for us as adults and parents. There is also a section on how to help children. I have included a link to the Institute of Hearth Math as well.

Institute of Heart Math

“Quiet Time” Mindful Exercises For Children

As a teacher, I have practiced mindfulness exercises with students for about 15 years. One of my favourites is “Quiet Time”. In today’s busy world, full of never ending busyness and stimulus, there is very little focus on, or time for stillness or quiet time. And yet, I have found that once introduced to “Quiet Time”, not only do students like it, they ask to do it again and again.

Telling them to sit back in their chairs with spine straight, meets with “yeahs”.

The breath is always what is focused on first. Deep breaths in and out….holding then releasing. I then choose any number of visualizations, guided imageries, and or affirmations to focus on…or simply allow silence and stillness.

Sometimes combining this time with journal writing or reflective writing is also very  powerful. It helps the students to integrate their own experience and insights.

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