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I shared a link on my Raising Mindful Kids site of the simple childhood song, “If You’re Happy and You Know It….”  It reminded me of how much fun it was to sing it  and do the actions when I was a young girl. The bouncy energy of the children caught me off guard and I noticed myself break out into a smile.

In speaking with others recently, some in their 20’s and 30’s, we have observed that the true innocence of childhood seems to have vanished and  often been replaced with stress, of one kind or another. As adults, do we stop to really pay attention whether children (ours or someone else’s) are happy… I mean REALLY happy! For the most part our lives have become to rushed an busy to even think about being happy. We sacrifice happiness, our children’s and more importantly our own, for… what…??? Happiness is a state of ‘being’ and we are constantly ‘doing’.

Perhaps it is time to be a little more reflective on how we schedule our time and how much of each day is taken up ‘doing’ things. It’s time to let go of the busyness, the rushing around and replace it with more quality time for our children and ultimately our families. Being ‘busy’ does not necessarily create  ‘happier’ children.

The tragedy in Japan has been handled nobly by the people and children in Japan. Would we fare as well here in North America or other parts of the world? I would venture to guess that the stress level here would be much higher than it may be in Japan. Generally speaking  our children have been brought up entertained by video games, the computer, television and more. Often their happiness is connected to these forms of entertainment, without them they seem lost.

Let’s take the time, the dedication and commitment necessary to learn if and how happy our children really are. As a teacher in elementary school, I would say very few children are truly happy. What kinds of activities or past times might you do with your children to make sure they are happy. Feel free to share your ideas by leaving a comment.


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Aug 15, 2012

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