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Spending Time With Children

Spending time with our children or grandchildren is the greatest thing we can gift them with. As parents we are usually so getting our kids ready for work, making lunches, getting to work, going to activities, along with other household task and family responsibilities.
All these obligations and responsibilities leave us very little time to spend with our children. In the evening there si dinner to be made, homework to be done, activities to go to,cleaning. So many parents don’t even have time or the ability to help their children with their homework. For me this was less of a problem because I was a stay at home mother, yet even I had days where there was little extra time.
Spending time does not have to be a long time. It’s the quality and HOW you connect with your child or children. You may have to schedule it in. I have had students come and tell me that they missed their parents because they were working and so we negotiated at least one special time a week for them to spend time together doing somethign special.
Grandparents, can be such a help if they are available. They usually have more time to devote to spending time with your child, children. If it is possible, allow them to step in and help.
The bottom line is, do what you can to spend more time with your children. Do things together, bake, cook, clean, talk…the sky really is the limit.

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Aug 15, 2012

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