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Educating Children’s Hearts

We are so consumed today in our fast paced world to make sure our children are learning. There is still a strong focus on academics…  In order for there to be success we look to see if our children are progressing in what they are learning at school.
Maintaining this focus without balancing out teaching “heart stuff” continues to promote an imbalance. We need to honour and recognize that compassion, consideration, love, being friendly, thoughtful all come from our heart space. There has been so much research done on the power of the heart. See one link below.

Institute of Heart Math 

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Aug 15, 2012

I'm a teacher, mother, grandmother. I spent many years being a camp counsellor and program director. I trust that by visiting here, you will rediscover much of the parenting wisdom already inside you – and be committed and willing to refocus your energies on raising a more happy, mindful, thriving family.

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