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Your Children Are Watching

“Your children are watching…How do you react to unexpected changes in your plans? Frustration and anger or calm resolve?”
~Denny Hagel~
Remember, children mimic what they see… EVERYTHING they hear and see!!! I see this as a teacher. The things I observe in how my students speak and in their behaviours. Sometimes it comes out during drama classes when they have to come up with or perform skits.
Research shows us that the personality of the child is pretty much set by the age of 5. Do we really stop to think of what programming we are putting in place and what kind of behaviour we are modelling? They are literally little sponges. Everything they are exposed to becomes their internalized belief system which carries them throughout life.
So, let us be mindful of the the words, actions and behaviours that we expose our little ones too.

The Magic Christmas Star

¸.•*★ For the little ones in our lives.

¸.•*★ Merry Christmas one and all.

¸.•*★ “Christmas, my child, is LOVE in ACTION. . . EVERY time we LOVE, EVERY time we GIVE, it’s CHRISTMAS. ♥ ~Dale Evans Rogers~ ¸.•*★

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