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Children Ages 7-11

Childhood is meant to be full of fun, endless play, discovery, spontaneity, chaos, laughter and repeated moments of wonder, joy and awe! This goes especially for children between the ages 0f 7 and 12.

We don’t realize that it is so incredibly important that children have unlimited opportunities t0 play before the become teenagers. One of the best ways to ensure this is the get out there and play with them, do things with them that continue to nurture your relationship with them. Once tween and teen age years arrive, we all know that it is not ‘cool’ to be hanging out with and playing with parents any more.

Even though our lives are incredibly busy and connected to an abundance of time lines, it is important to activelycreate  magic moments that are joyful and light-hearted.  The best way to do this is by activating and engaging the imagination. This will included turning the screens off, computers, TV, video games etc.

Go back to basics that have worked for eons; play music, cook and prepare meals together, play board games, go out for walks or special outings, throw together a picnic and head out for the day, take a drive out of the city if possible. Each one of these may just be “little’ things, but as your child grows and ventures out in life, these little things, deposited in the memory banks become big things.

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