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 It’s so exciting to share this with you today. I haven’t posted it about it earlier and there is a one day sale today. My own ebook is in several of the bundles. The Essential Parenting Collection by my affiliate partner Mindful Nurturing is holding a FLASH SALE! Be fast, because this sale is only valid today.

Entering the code MONDAY10 gives you 10% off this wonderful collection of 35 hand selected parenting eProducts. They are worth every penny and they’ll give you lots of inspiration for your parenting. The total retail value of this collection is over $750, and it is selling for $49.97.  For today only it is a little over $44 with this code, you know you’re getting a good deal!

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A little recap of what’s available:


  • From Maiden to Motherhood. Stephanie Brandt Cornais
  • My newest eBook: The Postpartum Herbal Guide.
  • The Business of Baby: What Doctors Don’t Tell You, What Corporations Try To Sell You, And How to Put Your Pregnancy, Childbirth, and Baby Before Their Bottom Line. Jennifer Margulis (audiobook)
  • Birth Relaxation Kit. Mavi Gupta and Jeremy Dyen (audio hypnosis set and booklet) – this kit alone is worth almost double of the full price of The Essential Parenting Collection. I used it during my last pregnancy and it’s a valuable resource for relaxing and reframing.
  • Simply Natural Pregnancy. Megan Kimmelshue
  • Stay at Home Yoga. (Three Month Premium Subscription) Jennifer Hoffman
If you’re TTC or expecting, this kit really has EVERYTHING to start you off towards a natural, comfortable pregnancy and birth. I used many of these products during my last pregnancy and labour and can certainly vouch for them.
  • The Colic Solution. Nicolette Roux
  • Twin Manibreasto: A Success Story of Milk and Multiples. Mercedes R. Donis
  • Oxytocin Parenting – Womb through the Terrible Twos. Susan Kuchinskas and Bryan Post
  • What Not to Say – Tools for Talking with Young Children. Sarah MacLaughlin – I personally think this is a book every person who interacts with kids should read.
  • The Natural Parent’s Guide to Babywearing. Lauren Wayne
  • JUNO Magazine. (one year subscription)
  • Reaching for the Moon, A Girl’s Guide to Her Cycles. Lucy H. Pearce
  • How Children’s Emotions Work. Patty Wipfler
  • Hold On to Your Kids: Why Parents Need to Matter More than Peers. Dr. Gordon Neufeld and Gabor Maté (audiobook) – I’m currently listening to this one and loving it! Expect my review soon
  • The Drama Years: Real Girls Talk About Surviving Middle School – Bullies, Brands, Body Image, and More. Haley Kilpatrick (audiobook)
  • Gender Neutral Parenting. Raising Kids with the Freedom to be Themselves. Paige Lucas-Stannard
  • Why Does He Do That? A Parent’s Guide to ASD. Stella Waterhouse
  • Positive Parenting in Action. Rebecca Eanes and Laura Ling
  • Setting Limits With Young Children. Patty Wipfler
  • The ABCs of Conscious Parenting. Lori Petro (eBook plus audio download)
  • Raising Mindful Kids. Yvonne Woloszanskyj
  • Parenting Softly. Bryan Post A Survival Guide.
  • Positive Parenting for Children with ASD. Stella Waterhouse
  • Keep Your Cool – How to Stop Yelling, Spanking and Punishing: What to Do Instead. Flo Gascon
As positive parents, we can all use a little help now and again. These books go beyond the theory and offer you practical advice for day to day situation, ready to apply. A beautiful little collection for mindful parents.
  • The Sane Parenting Challenge. Amy Phoenix (eCourse)
  • The Transgender Child (audiobook). Stephanie Brill & Rachel Pepper
  • Liberation Parenting Program. Teresa Graham Brett (eWorkbook and audio)
  • Calm Authority for Fathers. Marcy Axness (audio)
  • Embracing a Child-Centered Divorce: Because You Love Your Children. Rosalind Sedacca
  • 12 Steps to a More Natural Family Home. Emma Weatherall


Gentle Parenting Coloring Pages. Hugo Smits
Conscious Communication. Lori Petro
HighSelfEsteemKids. Dr. Joe Rubino (audio)
Mama is Having a Baby – A Journey to Tandem Breastfeeding (coloring book). Joni Rae Latham

Only for today for $44.97.

Don’t forget to enter your code: MONDAY10


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Ten Tips On Understanding Your Child

Ten Tips On Understanding Your Child

Parenting can be a frustrating experience especially if you cannot seem to establish a harmonious relationship with your teenager. There are times when you find yourself in disagreement with your child because of the so-called generation gap. The key to having a harmonious relationship with your child lies on how well you understand them. Here are 10 tips on dealing with your teen and understanding your child.



Set a boundary between your role as a parent or a friend.

Aside from being a father or mother to your child, you can also be a friend to them. But sometimes you need to make a distinction between being a parent and the same time a friend to your child. Friends will always have the tendency to judge your child whenever they confide their problems.

As parents, you cannot do this because of your care for the child. Friends can be found anywhere but good parents is a rare commodity these days.

Show Your Involvement

This is true especially if you are occupied with your work and rarely have the time to be with your child. Being involved means finding the time to be with them whenever you have a spare time. Try to find information about your child’s life, their thoughts and feelings so that they will be at ease coming to you when they are in trouble.

Train Them To Be Accountable

As a parent, you are responsible for preparing your child for adult life. Teach them that if they want something, effort should be exerted in order to achieve it. Money is not the important thing, it is being responsible and independent which matters. Provide them their allowance for jobs but don’t pay them if they are not doing their part. This way, you are training them to survive in this world.

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Non-Violent Flash Games and Family Bonding

Spending quality time with our children gets harder and harder as parents work hard to provide for their families. Technology is also here to stay. As a teacher, I am amazed at how teaching has been transformed with teh use of technology in the last few years. We want to make sure that our children are ‘safe’ while online.

I have come across a colleague who is committed to providing Role Of Non-Violent Flash Games In Family Bonding for children. Since children love to play flash games, it best to be informed. Having fun with your child playing these flash games provides and opportunity for some quality time together.

Here is a one of the sites that you can enjoy together: Tom and Jerry Games Have fun!

Tom and Jerry Games

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Gratitude Journal

A new day and today I’m just sharing a new post I wrote on my website for children, RaisingMindful Kids. It is all about kids having a gratitude practice and recording what they are grateful for as a daily practice. This is an awesome practice to do as a family and maybe even have a “Family Gratitude Journal” that you record things in once a week.

Here is the link to the blog post: Gratitude Journal

I hope you enjoy it. Please feel free to leave your comments. The more we are grateful, the more we attract things, people, events into our lives to be grateful for.

Grateful For All I Have

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